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After making deductions.

Net Assets

Assets minus liabilities (equals ownership interest).

Net Book Value

Cost of non-current (fixed) asset minus accumulated depreciation.

Net Profit

Sales minus cost of sales minus all administrative and selling costs.

Net Realisable Value

The proceeds of selling an item, less the costs of selling.


Qualitative characteristic of freedom from bias.

Nominal Value (of a Share)

The amount stated on the face of a share certificate as the named value of the share when issued.

Non-Controlling Interest

See minority interest.

Non-Current Assets

Any asset that does not meet the definition of a current asset. Also described as fixed assets.

Non-Current Liabilities

Any liability that does not meet the definition of a current liability. Also described as long-term liabilities.

Notes to the Accounts

Information in financial statements that gives more detail about items in the financial statements.