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Off-Balance-Sheet Finance

An arrangement to keep matching assets and liabilities away from the entity's balance sheet.

Offer for Sale

A company makes a general offer of its shares to the public.

Operating Activities

The principal revenue-producing activities of the entity and other activities that are not investing or financing activities.

Operating and Financial Review

Section of the annual report of many companies which explains the main features of the financial statements.

Operating Gearing

The ratio of fixed operating costs to variable operating costs.

Operating Margin

Operating profit as a percentage of sales.

Operating Risk

Exists where there are factors, such as a high level of fixed operating costs, which would cause profits to fluctuate through changes in operating conditions.

Ordinary Shares

Shares in a company which entitle the holder to a share of the dividend declared and a share in net assets on closing down the business.

Ownership Interest

The residual amount found by deducting all of the entity's liabilities from all of the entity's assets. (Also called equity interest.)