Accounting for Business Terms with "G"

Glossary of Accounting for Business - Glossario Contabilità Imprese

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Gearing: the ratio of long-term loans and preference shares shown as a percentage of total shareholders' funds, long-term loans, and preference shares.

General Ledger: a ledger for all accounts other than those for customers and suppliers (also known as Nominal Ledger).

Going Concern Concept: the assumption that a business is to continue trading for the foreseeable future.

Goodwill: an intangible asset of a business reflecting its commercial reputation, customer connections, etc.

Gross: the total amount before any deductions.

Gross Loss: where the cost of goods sold exceeds the sales revenue.

Gross Margin: a measure of the profitability of a business. It is calculated by dividing gross profit by sales and is usually expressed as a percentage.

Gross Profit: the difference between total revenue from sales and the total cost of purchases or materials, with an adjustment for stock.