Business & Commercial Terms with "I"

Glossary of Business & Commercial - Glossario Società & Commerciale

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Incorporate: to form a limited company by following procedures prescribed by law. On incorporation the limited company becomes a separate legal entity distinct from its owners.

Incorporation Date: the day Companies House recognised the company´s existence and issued a Certificate of Incorporation - in effect the company´s "birth certificate". All transactions conducted from this day forwards qualify the owners for limited liability.

Insolvency: the inability of a company to meet its debts as they become due.

Instrument: another name for a legal document.

Intangible Assets: assets which have no material existence i.e. goodwill.

Interest Payable: interest paid by the company. This will be the net charge for interest after any capitalised element. It should be noted that many private companies do not disclose this figure in full, or aggregate short and long term, and hire purchase interest together.

Issued Capital: the amount of a company´s share capital that has been issued to members/shareholders.

Issued Shares: the shares that have been paid for and for which the certificates have been issued - shares which have been actually allotted by the company and in respect of which the allottees have been entered in the company´s register of members.