International Financial Terms with "W"

Glossary of International Financial - Glossario Finanza Internazionale

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Warrant: a share warrant is a document giving the bearer entitlement to shares in the company which issued it. Ownership can be easily transferred without the company documenting the transfer.

Withholding Tax: tax imposed on income at source, placing the obligation on the payer not the beneficial owner of the income. The UK does not have a “withholding tax” as such; what is withheld is income tax. Broadly, interest arising in the UK and paid overseas should have tax withheld and remitted to HMRC, subject to specific exemptions. The lender is likely to be able to claim repayment of tax withheld and secure a lower/nil rate of withholding for the future.

Working Capital: current assets less current liabilities. A full definition is complicated, but a company has sufficient working capital if it can continue its operations and meet short-term debt and operating expenses. Good working capital management also means not holding cash unnecessarily, or overstocking.

Worldwide Debt Cap: this refers to the measure introduced in Finance Act 2009 to restrict UK debt costs by reference to worldwide group debt costs. CTIAA Financial Products advise on this subject - see CFM90000.