Law Court Terms with "J"

Glossary of Law Court - Glossario Tribunale

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Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC): an independent body that was introduced by the Constitutional Reform Act which selects candidates for judicial positions in England and Wales and for some tribunals in Scotland and Northern Island. There are fifteen commissioners who are chosen from the judiciary, the legal profession, the magistracy and the general public.

Judiciary: collective term for the judges, magistrates and tribunal members who deal with legal matters in England and Wales and, in the case of some tribunals, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Jury: a body of citizens, normally twelve people, who are sworn in by the judge and asked to give a verdict on a case in a court of law.

Justice of the Peace (JP): the official title of a magistrate. Charged with defending the peace of the area they deal with minor criminal matters and misdemeanours and preside in only the lowest courts.