Legal Latin Terms with "P"

Glossary of Legal Latin - Glossario Legali Latini

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PER (AS STATED BY): per capita by heads eg the cost is £50 per capita - £50 each person.Per Pro (pp) - Through AnotherA person delegated to act for another.

PER SE (BY ITSELF): denoting that the topic should be taken alone.

POST (AFTER): an indication to refer to something to be found further on.

PRIMA FACIE (FIRST SIGHT): it would be considered sufficient to prove a case unless disproved - if no Prima Facie evidence can be offered there is no case to answer.

PRO FORMA (A MATTER OF FORM): this procedure is performed subject to and following an agreed manner.

PRO RATA (IN PROPORTION): dividends distributed on a Pro Rata basis would be according to the amount of investment.