Financial Accounting Terms with "B"

Glossary of Financial Accounting - Glossario Contabilità Finanziaria

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Bad Debt: it is known that a credit customer (debtor) is unable to pay the amount due.

Balance Sheet: a statement of the financial position of an entity showing assets, liabilities and ownership interest.

Bank Facility: an arrangement with a bank to borrow money as required up to an agreed limit.

Bond: the name sometimes given to loan finance more commonly in the USA).

Broker (Stockbroker): member of a Stock Exchange who arranges purchase and sale of shares and may also provide an information service giving buy/sell/hold recommendations.

Broker's Report: bulletin written by a stockbroking firm for circulation to its clients, providing analysis and guidance on companies as potential Investments.

Business Combination: a transaction in which one company acquires control of another.

Business Cycle: period (usually 12 months) during which the peaks and troughs of activity of a business form a pattern which is repeated on a regular basis.

Business Entity: a business which exists independently of its owners.