Trade Marks Tribunal Terms with "R"

Glossary of Trade Marks Tribunal - Glossario Tribunale Marchi

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The record kept by the IPO of all registered trademarks and registered transactions.

Register of Trade Mark Attorneys

The official register of professionals entitled to use the designation trade mark attorney, entry to which is subject to passing rigorous examinations in trade mark law and practice and associated intellectual property rights.


Another term to describe the Chief Executive of the IPO.

Relative Grounds

Grounds for objecting to a trade mark application or applying for a declaration of invalidity due to the existence of earlier trademarks or rights.


An action to remove a registered trade mark for certain reasons that have arisen since the trade mark was registered and include that it has not been used for a period of 5 years since its registration and that it is misleading or become the common name for the goods or services for which it is registered.