Legal Latin Terms with "I"

Glossary of Legal Latin - Glossario Legali Latini

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IBID (IN THE SAME PLACE): used in text to refer to a page previously mentioned.

ID EST (THAT IS TO SAY): used as a description to explain a statement.

IGNORANTIA JURIS NON EXCUSAT (IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE): if committing an offence a guilty party cannot use as a defence the fact that they did so without knowledge that they were breaking the law.

IN CAMERA (IN THE CHAMBER): the hearing of a case in private without the facts being reported to the public.

IN CURIA (IN OPEN COURT): the hearing of a case before a court sitting in public.

IN PERSONAM (AGAINST THE PERSON): proceedings issued against or with reference to a specific person - an admiralty action in personam would be issued against the owner of a ship.

IN RE (IN THE MATTER OF): a heading in legal documents which introduces the title of the proceedings.

IN REM (AGAINST THE MATTER): proceedings issued or directed against property as opposed to a specific person - an admiralty action in rem would be issued against the ship itself.

INTER ALIA (AMONG OTHER THINGS): indicates that the details given are only an extract from the whole.

INTRA VIRES (WITHING THE POWER OF): an act that falls within the Jurisdiction of the Court.

IPSO FACTO (BY THE FACT): the reliance upon facts that together prove a point.