Business & Commercial Terms with "M"

Glossary of Business & Commercial - Glossario Società & Commerciale

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Managing Director: a managing Director can be appointed only if the company´s Articles so allow. The other directors entrust some of their powers to him.

Member: a person whose name has been entered in the company´s register of members in respect of the shares he holds in the company.

Memorandum of Association: a document which governs the relationship of the company with the world at large, stating its name, its domicile, what it may do, that its liability is limited and the amount of its authorised share capital – the company´s charter enabling the outsider to establish the extent of the company´s powers.

Minutes: written records of formal proceedings of shareholders´ and directors´ meetings.

Mortgage: a mortgage is a secured charge for which the lender has stipulated property (real estate) as security. The document giving evidence to this is the mortgage deed.