Banking & Money Terms with "C"

Glossary of Banking & Money - Glossario Bancario & Monetario

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Card Payment Protection Cover: Card Payment Protection Cover could take care of your credit card payments if you are unable to work due to an accident, sickness or unemployment.

Card Protection: Card Protection provides valuable protection in case you lose your credit, debit or store cards or if they are stolen.

Card Security Code: your Card Security Code is the last three numbers that appear on the back of the card you are using to make the payment.

Cashback: this is where you use your debit card to ‘buy’ cash when you are buying other goods or services. You can use this to get extra money which will be taken from your account at the same time as your purchase. This service is widely available in supermarkets.

CHAPS Payment: the Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS) is used to transfer cleared sterling funds within the UK, for same day settlement. There is a £30 charge for CHAPS payments. Same day CHAPS payments can only be made if actioned/ordered before 3pm.

Cheque: a cheque is a written request to the bank to pay the amount of money specified on the cheque to the person or organisation named on the cheque (the payee) who will pay it into their account. Once this has happened your bank will take the amount from the relevant account.

Child Trust Fund: the Child Trust Fund was a government backed savings and investment account for children. Child Trust Funds are no longer available. Every child born on or after 1st September 2002 will receive a voucher for £250 that can be used to open a Child Trust Fund account.

CHIP and PIN: CHIP and PIN is a system which allows you to approve purchases made with your credit or debit card by entering a digit PIN number which only you know. This is more secure than just a signature which could be forged. For security, you shouldn’t write your PIN number down or tell it to another person.

Civil Partnership: civil partnerships are a legal relationship which can be registered by two people of the same sex and give couples legal recognition for their relationship.

Clearing Time: the time it takes for the money paid into an account to clear and be available for use. ClickSafeLloyds Bank ClickSafe gives cardholders with added security when purchasing over the Internet. The service allows you to choose a personal password to ensure that only you can make purchases with your card when shopping online.

Closing Administration Charge: the closing administration charge only applies when you repay your mortgage and may vary depending on your circumstances. In particular, it does not apply to mortgages entered into on or after 1 August 2007.

Credit Card: a credit card is a plastic card that allows you to purchase goods and services on credit and pay for them later, usually with interest added to the balance.

Credit Rating: credit rating is a rating system used by financial institutions, to judge an individual or company's creditworthiness. Depending on how many points the applicant gets when his/her personal details are run through the rating system, the financial institution will either accept or reject the risk. Financial institutions rely on computerized credit rating systems, and cooperate with each other in providing details of bad credit risks.

Credit Reference Agency: credit reference agencies are organisations that gather information about people and businesses across the UK. This information comes from lenders such as banks, credit card companies and fraud prevention agencies, as well as records in the public domain.

Credit Report: credit report is a report issued by a credit agency usually for a small fee which highlights someone's past purchase behaviour and credit rating.

Credit Scoring: credit scoring is a way of assessing someone’s financial status. This is used to decide which credit facilities can be offered to customers.

Credit Search: credit search is when we carry out a search on your name and address with a credit reference agency to help us understand more about your credit history. Each time a search is done it is noted on your credit record to let other organisations know that we have asked for information about you.