Land Property Terms with "D"

Glossary of Land Property - Glossario Immobiliare

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Deeds: all the legal documents relating to the property. (See also Title Deeds)

Deeds: these are legal title documents that transfer the ownership of property from one party to another. The deeds will be held by the mortgage lender.

Delayed Completion: completion can take place anytime after exchange of contracts.However, if it is longer than 28 days it is referred to as delayed.

Deposit: this is a proportion of the total cost of a property (very often 10%), which is paid out by the buyer (rather than included in the mortgage agreement) upon exchange of contracts.

Detached: this term describes a property that stands alone from other properties, having no adjoining walls.

Development: this term describes a newly built residence (or group of the same) or an older property that has been refurbished and modernised.

Dilapidations: this term describes any disrepair or damage to a property; it is usually used in relation to a rented property.

Disbursements: these are the fees paid by the buyer’s solicitor on behalf of their client and include items such as stamp duty, land registry and search fees.

Discharge: this describes paying off (or discharging) a mortgage.

Draft Contract: this is a preliminary document, setting out unconfirmed contractual arrangements.