Legal Latin Terms with "A"

Glossary of Legal Latin - Glossario Legali Latini

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ACTUS REUS (GUILTY ACT): the offence of which the defendant is accused.

AD COLLIGENDA BONA (TO COLLECT THE GOODS): a temporary order for the Administration of an estate of a deceased person used when the estate is of a perishable nature.

AD HOC (FOR THIS PURPOSE): Ad Hoc decisions are made as and when a situation demands:

  • Ad Hoc committees are formed to address a particular issue;

  • Ad Hoc meetings would take place to discuss specific matters.

AD INFITUM (WITHOUT LIMIT): describes an event apparently continuing without end.

AD LITEM (FOR THE SUIT): denotes a temporary appointment which continues during legal proceedings ie Guardian Ad Litem.

AMICUS CURIAE (A FRIEND OF THE COURT): a neutral party who does not represent any individual party in the case who will be asked by the Court to make representations from an independent viewpoint.

ANTE (BEFORE): an indication within text to refer to an earlier passage.