Legal Latin Terms with "E"

Glossary of Legal Latin - Glossario Legali Latini

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EXEMPLI GRATIA (FOR EXAMPLE): used when qualifying a statement by explaining through a relevant example.

EX GRATIA (AS A MATTER OF FAVOUR): an Ex Gratia payment would be awarded without the acceptance of any liability or blame.

EX OFFICIO (BY VIRTUE OF HIS OFFICE): a magistrate sitting with a judge at the Crown Court would appear ex officio in a case where no judicial function is to be exercised by the magistrate eg case committed to Crown Court for sentence only.

EX PARTE (BY A PARTY): an ex parte application is made to the Court during proceedings by one party in the absence of another or without notifying the other party.

EX POST FACTO (BY A SUBSEQUENT ACT): something that occurs after the event but having a retrospective effect.