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Glossary of Business & Commercial - Glossario Società & Commerciale

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Table A: the list of standard regulations which many companies adopt as their constitution (i.e. for their Articles of Association). – regulations for the management of a company from the Schedule to Statutory Instrument 1985/805 which are commonly adopted as the articles of association of companies.

Tangible Fixed Assets: assets which can be realised for cash after one year i.e. material goods such as Fixtures & Fittings or property.

Taxation: tax charges paid against profits - can be negative, representing a tax credit.

Trading Assets: an address of business premises of a company. This is not always available as the company is not required by law to file this information. This may or may not be a different address to the Registered Office.

Turnover: total invoiced sales net of VAT. Only large companies file turnover.