Trade Marks Tribunal Terms with "S"

Glossary of Trade Marks Tribunal - Glossario Tribunale Marchi

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Skeleton Argument

A document prepared by a party (or its legal representative) that sets out the basis of the party’s argument. These should always be copied to all other parties to the proceedings and should be filed no later than 2pm two days prior to the hearing date.


Another name for the classification of goods or services covered by a trade mark.

Substantive Hearing

The main hearing to determine the outcome of proceedings.


Written arguments by a party to support its case or comment on the other side’s evidence. Submissions are not facts and if a party wishes to rely on facts they must be presented as evidence.


A voluntary step the owner of a registered trade mark may take to either remove his trade mark registration in full or in relation to certain goods or services in the specification. Often occurs when a registered trade mark is threatened with revocation or invalidation.