Accountant in Bankruptcy Terms with "E"

Glossary of Accountant in Bankruptcy - Glossario Contabile Fallimento

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Edinburgh Gazette: an official newsletter published twice weekly for the government by the Stationery Office in which various official announcements are recorded. Previously, notifications of sequestration awards required to be published in the Edinburgh Gazette, however, this requirement ended on 15 Nov 2010. Details of all bankruptcies and protected trust deeds are published in the Register of Insolvencies.

Electronic Payments: payments such as BACS and CHAPS, which can be made electronically without a payable instrument.

Estate: your estate is literally everything of value you own, including any rights you may have to receive money or goods from anyone else.

Exceptional Attachment: attachment of non-essential assets belonging to a debtor and kept in a dwellinghouse.

Executive Agency: a discrete unit set up to undertake an executive function of government.