Accountant in Bankruptcy Terms with "L"

Glossary of Accountant in Bankruptcy - Glossario Contabile Fallimento

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Land Attachment: allows unsecured creditors to enforce debts by taking action against land (land including buildings and other structures).

Landlord's Hypothec: gives a landlord a right in security over moveable property belonging to the tenant in let premises.

Land Register: register of title to land.

Liabilities: obligations to transfer future economic benefits as a result of past transactions or events. Current Liabilities are liabilities incurred in the normal course of business, including creditors, accrued expenditure and receipts in advance.

Low Income Low Asset (LILA): LILA is the route into bankruptcy introduced to provide debt relief to debtors who cannot afford to pay their debts and have low income and limited assets. Many debtors find that their creditors are unwilling to take the legal action required to bring about their bankruptcy because of the administrative and legal costs incurred, often without the creditor receiving any dividend at the end.