Accountant in Bankruptcy Terms with "M"

Glossary of Accountant in Bankruptcy - Glossario Contabile Fallimento

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Maills and Duties: a process available to creditors where the property over which they have security is let and they receive the rental payments.

Mandate: a written authority to do something.

Messenger at Arms: it is an officer of the Scottish Court of Session. They are responsible for serving documents and enforcing court orders throughout Scotland.

Money Adviser: somebody trained to offer advice on debt usually at local authority money advice unit or Citzens Advice Bureau.

Money Attachment: allows a creditor to attach money which is held on a debtor's premises (but not in a dwellinghouse).

Moveable Property: all property not classed as heritable. Moveable property (property that has a physical existence) such as furniture, vehicles and animals can be handled or moved. Moveable property which has a legal but no actual physical existence, such as debts and company shares, is classed as incorporeal property.