Corporation Tax Terms with "S"

Glossary of Corporation Tax - Glossario Imposta Società

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Self Assessment: see Corporation Tax Self Assessment.

Shell Company: a company bought off the shelf with nominee directors standing in front of whoever really benefits.

Straightforward Tax Affairs: the term HMRC uses to refer to small companies and unincorporated organisations who are able to use the short Company Tax Return form CT600 (Short).

Substantial Shareholding Exemption: there's no Corporation Tax to pay on any chargeable gain made when trading companies (or holding companies of trading groups) sell or otherwise dispose of shares, interests in shares and certain assets related to shares in other trading companies. However, you can't offset losses against gains on the disposal of shareholdings outside of the substantial shareholdings exemption or any other assets.

Supplementary Page(s): additional form(s) you may need to file as part of your Company Tax Return depending on your company or organisation's circumstances; there are supplementary pages for directors' loans, controlled foreign companies, groups and consortia, insurance, charities, tonnage tax, corporate venturing, cross-border royalties, ring fence trades and disclosure of tax avoidance schemes.