Taxes UK Terms with "F"

Glossary of Taxes UK - Glossario Tasse Imposte Fiscali UK

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F23: form to be used at banks, collection agents and post offices for all payments in favor of institutions other than Tax Administration offices (the town council, judicial offices etc.) and for some indirect taxes (such as registration fee and mortgage and cadastral taxes).

F24: form to be used at banks, collection agents and post offices for payments of most taxes due, starting from those which have been declared in the income tax return with Modello Unico form.

F24 CUMULATIVO (F24 COMBINED): a service for online payment which enables intermediaries to pay their clients’ taxes via the Internet and then directly debit the clients’ current account. No money directly changes hands between intermediary and client. The service is available on the Entratel website.

FAMILIARI A CARICO (DEPENDANT FAMILY MEMBERS): taxpayer’s family members who do not earn more than a certain sum (currently fixed at Euro 2.840,51 gross of the deductible expenses). The following are considered dependant:

  • the spouse not legally or actually separated;

  • the children, even if natural, recognized, adopted, fostered or affiliated;

  • other family members such as: the spouse legally and actually separated, descendants of any children, parents and near ancestors, even natural, adopted parents, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law, brothers and sisters, even unilateral. To be able to take advantage of the deduction for “other dependant family members”, as well as not exceeding the predetermined income limit, they must be living with the taxpayer or be receiving maintenance cheques from him/her which do not come from orders by the judicial authorities.

FATTURA (INVOICE): a document which anyone who transfers goods or provides a service requiring VAT must issue.

FATTURATO (TURNOVER): the amount of sales or services supplied by a company in a year. Also called the volume of business, the turnover helps establish the size of a company and possibly, when not exceeding a given amount, it triggers the right to access certain tax concessions.

FAVOR REI: the principle according to which no one can be subjected to a sanction for something that, according to a subsequent law, is no longer a punishable violation. If, on the other hand, the law in force at the moment in which the violation is committed and the subsequent laws establish different sanctions, the most favourable law is applied, unless the infliction measure has become definitive. It has always been in force in penal issues, and for fiscal issues it was introduced in 1997.

FERMO AMMINISTRATIVO (ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK): a provisional measure aimed at the protection of tax credits, which can be issued by collection agents on registered movable goods. When it concerns cars, in journalistic terms it is called electronic “wheel clamp”, which means that the car cannot circulate and the owner cannot use it.

FIDEIUSSIONE (GUARANTEE): a contract by which a subject (usually a bank) guarantees to the creditor the execution of an obligation undertaken by the debtor. As regards fiscal issues, the guarantee is frequently required to grant the extension of payments of taxes and VAT refunds.