Companies House UK Terms with "A"

Glossary of Companies House - Glossario del Registro Imprese UK

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ARD - Accounting Reference Date (or Financial Year-End): this is the date in each year to which a company's financial accounts are prepared, i.e. the Financial Year-End. It is also the date that determines when accounts are due for delivery at Companies House.

Acquisition Date: the acquisition date is the date that shares were obtained by the Shareholder.

Allotment: it is the process by which people become members of a company. Subscribers agree to take shares on incorporation and the shares are regarded as "allotted" to each member on incorporation. Later more people may be admitted as members of the company and be allotted shares. However, the Directors must not allot shares without the authority of the existing Shareholder. The authority is either stated in the company's articles of association or given to the directors by resolution passed at a general meeting of the company.

Appointments: an appointment is where an individual (or corporate entity) is either a Director or Secretary of a company, or LLP member of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Articles of Association: the Articles of Association document sets out the rules for the running of the company's internal affairs.

Authentication Code: Authentication Code is a 6 alphanumeric code on WebFiling which enables the submission of data for an individual company. The Authentication Code is the electronic equivalent of a company officer's signature. It enables the submission of data for an individual company and is linked directly to the company number. WebFiling requires two codes to submit data, a Password and Authentication Code. The Authentication Code is sent by post within 5 working days to the Company Secretary at company's registered office address.