Companies House UK Terms with "N"

Glossary of Companies House - Glossario del Registro Imprese UK

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New Forms: forms relating to the Companies Act 2006 are referred to as "new forms" and should only be used if the event date is on or after 01 Oct. 2009.

Nominal Value: the nominal value is the face value of the shares. It is also the minimum amount that must be paid for shares. The nominal value is used to calculate the aggregate nominal value of shares by multiplying the nominal value by the number of shares.

Non-Designated Member: see Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) member.

Non-EEA Company (European Economic Area): a non-EEA company is one to which the First Company Law Directive (68/151/EEC) does not apply. A non-EEA company is either a body corporate or firm that is a legal person under its governing law, such as a UK Limited Liability Partnership, Scottish Limited Partnership, United States LLC etc. An EEA company is not determined by whether it is not geographically situated within one of the countries comprising the EEA.

Number: this is a unique number (company number or LLP number) allocated by Companies House to every company or LLP incorporated.