Companies House UK Terms with "P"

Glossary of Companies House - Glossario del Registro Imprese UK

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Password: also known as "Security Code" is an 8-32 character alphanumeric code that enables the submission of company information on WebFiling. The Password is created by the presenter and is linked to their email address. To use WebFiling a password and an Authentication Code are required.

Prescribed Particulars: prescribed particulars are required as part of the statement of capital.

Position of Person Authorising the Submission: the position held by the person authorising the company information being submitted (e.g. director).

Preference Shares: preference Shares normally carry a right that any annual dividends available for distribution be paid preferentially on these shares before other classes.

Presenter: the presenter is the person who submits documents to Companies House on behalf of the company.

Principal Business Activities: the Principal Business activities of a company are shown by the SIC Code. The company can have up to a maximum of four codes / activities displayed on the Confirmation Statement.

PROOF - PROOF (PROtected Online Filing): is a Companies House scheme to help companies protect themselves from fraudulent filings by only accepting electronic versions of certain Forms. Paper versions of these forms will be rejected.