Companies House UK Terms with "S"

Glossary of Companies House - Glossario del Registro Imprese UK

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Same as (Address): also known as “Linked to” address" is an address which is regarded as the 'same as' another address and is entered in the company's (or LLPs) own register with the statement "same as" - rather than entered as a full address (e.g. in the director's register, the service address entry has the statement "same as the registered office address”). If an address is "same as" an address which is changed, both addresses will be considered to have changed situation.

Secretary: a secretary is a person appointed to be the chief administrator of the company. A company secretary is optional for a private limited company but mandatory for a public limited company. The secretary can be a natural person appointment (of which there are no age restrictions) or a corporate entity. A secretary can act as both Director and secretary.

Security Code: it is also known as Password.

Service Address: the service address is a location where official documents and notices can be delivered (serviced) for the attention of the company officer. The service address information provided will appear on the public record. Since legislative changes affecting address details, an individual no longer requires a Confidentiality Order to provide a service address for the public record.

Share Capital: when a company is formed it must decide whether its members' liability will be limited by shares. The memorandum of association will state the amount of share capital the company will have, and the division of the share capital into shares of a fixed amount. The members must agree to take some, or all, of the shares when the company is registered. The memorandum of association must show the names of the people who have agreed to own shares and the number of shares each will own. These people are called subscribers.

Share Types: the most common share types are:

  • Ordinary

  • Preference

  • Redeemable and

  • Deferred.

A company can create any share type they require with any rights that they decide upon.

Shareholder: a Shareholder is a company member who owns shares in the company. Private and Public companies with a Confirmation Statement Made-Up Date before 1/10/08 must provide all Shareholder's names and addresses. Private and Public companies; traded on a regulated market with a Confirmation Statement Made-Up Date on or after 1/10/08 must only provide shareholder names; shareholder addresses must not be provided. Public companies traded on a regulated market with a Confirmation Statement Made-Up Date on or after 1/10/08 must only provide names and addresses for shareholders with holdings of 5% or more in any share class; those less than 5% must be removed before submission.

SIC Code: The SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) is the principal business activity of the company. A company can have up to a maximum of four SIC codes displayed.

Signature: each electronic document is filed using a company Authentication Code known only to Companies House and the company. The Authentication Code takes the place of the signature on the document.

Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL): the SAIL (Single Alternative Inspection Location) is an alternative location to the registered office, where company records can be kept and made available for public inspection. A SAIL address is notified to Companies House on form AD02, while movement of company records to the SAIL address is notified on Form AD03. A Form AD04 is used to notify of company records moving from the SAIL address back to the registered office.

Software Filing: it is a service that allows information for certain documents to be filed at Companies House via 3rd party software, as formatted data rather than on paper.

Submission Number: it is a unique number linked to your data. Make a note of this number. If you have not received an email confirming data receipt within 3 hours ring the Companies House Contact Centre on +44 (0)303 1234 500.